Horse Sleigh Rides


2013 Christmas Sleigh Rides to Santa’s Workshop $15.00 (40% Off Limited Time):

Friday after Thanksgiving, the Santa Sleigh Ride (‘on wheels’ hey, it’s hot outside) is coming to the Gilcrease Orchard, Las Vegas. The horse drawn sleighs of Doubletree Carriage has teamed up with Gilcrease Orchard to take you through the vistas and views of the gorgeous orchard wonderland as you make your way to the North Pole to see good ‘ol St. Nick himself!

As you make your way to the North Pole, you will hear sounds of jingle bells on the horses and will be entertained with soothing Christmas stories from the sleigh drivers, who are remarkable to say the least. Enjoy the cozy little ride all the way to the Santa’s workshop where you will be greeted by Santa’s elves who will escort you through a secret tunnel through time to visit good ‘ol St. Nick. That’s right, Santa Claus will be waiting for you in his home!

Sleigh rides are approx. 20-25 minutes and your free to stay at Santa’s home for as long as you’d like. So grab the family, kids and friends and come on down for an experience of a lifetime. Who says you need snow to create the Christmas experience for your loved ones.

Gilcrease Orchard is located at: 7800 N Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, NV 89131 for directions click here.

*2012: We offered sleigh rides in Midway Utah at the Homestead Results (notice the snow and the mountain images). This isn’t to be confused with our new location at Gilcrease Orchards Las Vegas (sorry folks, no snow this year).

Please contact us for more information.p: (702) 751-2747

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