Horse Carriage Parades

Horse Carriage Parades: Parades are a great way to advertise any type of business locally and get the attention of the public. What better way to get noticed then by a horse drawn hitch?
For many years this was the main focus of our business. We pulled the Meadow Gold wagon for over 25 years in parades throughout Utah and the western United States. Other wagons we have pulled for include Frontier Pies, Hogle Zoo, Kool Aid. We are currently helping local funeral homes advertise in their home towns. We have many types of wagons to choose from including a hearse, a covered wagon, chuck wagons, and carriages to accommodate most any need.

Contact us to organize a parade set up or for more information.

Las Vegas Phone (Barbara): (702) 596-6715
Utah Phone (Bill): (801) 404-7066
Email: [email protected]