"God forbid that I should go to any heaven where there are no horses."
Welcome to Doubletree Carriage, we are now in our sixth generation of teamsters. Teamsters are those qualified and have the tremendous skill to handle a team of horses. Though generations ago almost everyone had the knowledge of working and driving a teams, the ability to harness and hook up a team is almost a lost knowledge. Teams of draft horses were originally used for transportation and with their amazing strength and ability to pull heavy loads, this made them a huge asset out in the farmlands. Since the arrival of gas powered engines, cars and tractors have taken over the transportation and farming industries. Now a horse and carriage have become more of a charming reminder of our past. Doubletree Carriage has the teams and carriages to accommodate all types of events. These horses are strikingly beautiful when hitched to any carriage or wagon. If you are planning any event we have the ability to help you add that touch of class to that occasion with something you will remember for a lifetime.


Double Tree Carriage
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"Double Tree Carriage's funeral service was the perfect way to say goodbye to our father. I cannot imagine anything more perfect." - Darlene Johnson